Routing in Cayuse SP


Joe Gesa, Electronic Research Administrator

The review and approval of proposal records is handled electronically within Cayuse SP during a process known as, “Routing.” Routing is a communication tool used to ensure all stakeholders in a proposal have a clear understanding of the obligations they and the University are offering to undertake in return for a potential award. After submission for routing in Cayuse SP, the proposal record is certified by the PI, authorized by unit/school/college/center internal processing forms (IPF) approvers, and reviewed for compliance by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) prior to submission to the sponsor. This process may occur in sequence, or in parallel, but will always end with OSP.

Occasionally, errors will be found that need to be corrected prior to submission to the sponsor. These errors may, or may not require the proposal to be reauthorized and resubmitted for routing. For example, something minor like a Typo, can be corrected on your behalf by an admin (any/all OSP staff) with no further action required. However, for something larger like a change or error in the budget, the record would either need to be rejected somewhere in the routing chain, or set back to “Unsubmitted” by a system admin. Once corrected, the record would need to be reauthorized for routing, resubmitted for routing, and rerouted as if it were new. This means that the PI needs to recertify and all approvers need to sign again.

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