A Message from the OSP Director, Jim Casey


Jim Casey, Director, OSP

Dear AU Colleagues,

Welcome to the May issue of The Sponsored Research Monthly. We hope that you enjoy this new issue, as it contains a variety of information pertaining to the sponsored research enterprise.

One of the highlights is the inclusion of our first student spotlight, covering Anila D’Mello in CAS. Congratulations on your recent Ph.D., Anila! You will be seeing more student spotlights in the future as undergraduate and graduate students are important components in many sponsored research grants and contribute to the creation of knowledge at AU.

We had a wonderful month for sponsored research awards in April, and congratulations to everyone who received funding! It is a pleasure to share the news of awards, because these awards will spur greater intellectual growth in the classroom and in the lab.

Elsewhere in this issue you will find timely articles written by OSP staff: electronic research administrator Joe Gesa focused on Cayuse SP roles and permissions, and assistant director Ashley Alexander and grant and contract manager Vibeke Svensson provided updates from the NCURA Region II and Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) meetings. The Cayuse SP material is extremely important as we are still in the early implementation of SP, but the updates from NCURA and FDP provide a broader context for what is going on in the field of research administration. Thanks Joe, Ashley, and Vibeke for your contributions!

If you attended the May 15th Library Conference for High Impact Research, you may have attended (or noticed) the afternoon session on “best practices in developing federal grant proposals.” The presentations by Dr. Tom Vollberg (NIH), Claudia Kinkela (NEH), and Dr. Angela Wilson (NSF) are hot linked into this issue. Check them out!

One final point. The pilot for the Research Administration for the AU Investigator program was rolled out effective May 1, 2017, and is applicable only to PIs who are receiving their first sponsored research award in the last two years. A full roll out for all PIs is scheduled for Fall, 2018. More information is included in the memo that is part of this issue.

Thank you for your time in reading this welcome, and we wish you an enjoyable and happy summer!

Best regards,


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